Alpha Readiness Assessment


Students who are ready for Alpha:
  • can accurately count up to 9
  • can associate a number with a given quantity of objects
  • can write the numerals 0 to 9
  • can follow simple directions
  • can engage in a lesson with an instructor for about 15 minutes
  • can work to commit addition and subtraction facts to memory
  • can persevere at a task until new skills are mastered
Alpha is the first Math-U-See level that requires mastery of math concepts. Therefore, it is important that you also assess maturity. If your child would do better with an introduction to math that does not require mastery, we recommend that you begin with Primer. Do not be concerned if the student reverses some numerals when writing them. There will be many opportunities to practice writing numbers throughout the course.

Preparing for the Assessment:

This readiness assessment will take approximately 20 total minutes to complete. Do not begin unless you are sure you and your student can work together without distraction for this amount of time.
You will need the following items:
  • paper
  • pencil with eraser
Gather these materials before you begin.

Administering the Assessment: