Beta Readiness Assessment


Students who are ready for Beta:

  • can count by tens
  • can begin at any number and count to 100
  • can write any number between 0 and 999
  • can recall the addition and subtraction facts from memory
  • can use place value to identify the digits that represent units, tens, and hundreds
  • can write a mathematical expression (number sentence) to represent a word problem
  • can solve for an unknown in a simple addition or subtraction equation

Preparing for the Assessment:

This readiness assessment will take approximately 20 total minutes to complete. Do not begin unless you are sure you and your student can work together without distraction for this amount of time.

You will need the following items:

  • paper
  • pencil with eraser

Gather these materials before you begin.

Administering the Assessment:

IMPORTANT: Some of these questions require multiple responses. Be sure to click on all items that apply.