Gamma Readiness Assessment


Students who are ready for Gamma:
  • can read and write numbers through the hundred thousands
  • can count by twos, fives, and tens
  • can recall addition and subtraction facts from memory
  • can add and subtract multiple-digit numbers, using regrouping (carrying or borrowing) as needed

Preparing for the Assessment:

This readiness assessment will take approximately 40 total minutes to complete. Do not begin unless you are sure you and your student can work together without distraction for this amount of time.

You will need the following items:

  • pencil with eraser
  • extra paper for calculation, if desired

Calculators are not permitted.

Gather these materials before you begin.

Student Portion:

Print out a copy of the Gamma Readiness Assessment. The first five problems on the assessment are to be completed independently by the student and should take approximately 20 minutes. Be sure to keep track of the actual time your student spends on this part of the assessment. You may attempt to clarify the wording of a question if your student does not understand, but you should not answer specific questions asking how to solve a particular problem.

When your student has completed his work on paper, come back to the computer to complete the rest of the assessment.

Instructor Portion:

Use this tool as an opportunity to help you determine your student’s understanding of the concepts.

For each problem, first check to see if the student answered it correctly. Then ask your student to explain to you how he arrived at each of his answers, or “teach back” the solution. Based on your student’s response, choose the statement(s) that most accurately describe how your student solved the problem. (IMPORTANT: Several of the questions require multiple responses. Be sure to mark ALL appropriate responses.)